The new Clean Vehicle Credit…and how it is an attack at China

When tax time rolls around, most people aren’t thinking about why certain tax credits exist. They just want to know if they qualify to receive them and how to go about making that happen. Well…if you plan on buying an electric vehicle, two things you need to know. Read on to learn a bit more […]

199A: Qualified Business Income Deduction

Established in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 under Section 199A, the Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction allows taxpayers a deduction of up to 20% of income received from a sole proprietorship or pass-through businesses (e.g., partnerships, S corporations, trusts, and estates). You may also hear of it referenced as simply a […]

Maximizing your charitable giving through donor advised funds

If you find yourself feeling particularly philanthropic but are not quite sure where you’d like to give your money, you can still get an immediate tax benefit for those donations through the use of a donor advised fund (DAF). What is a donor advised fund (DAF)? A donor advised fund is an account that allows […]